Two Months Until the Mayan Doomsday Nonevent

For some reason, people really want to remind the world that Oct. 21 marks two months before the biggest nonevent in recent history. Even more perplexing is the fact that others seem to really want the world to end in 61 days time.

Why do these strange individuals want us to believe in this nonsense? Some have a book to sell, while others have a horribly-edited YouTube video they want to share. Others are just plain odd. But regardless of the intent, the result is confusion and fear. Sadly, it is often people who would have otherwise gotten on with their lives peacefully who have swallowed the doomsday nonsense and become needlessly worried about the end of the world.

But wait! There are still Mayan descendents who live in Central America. Are they currently digging bunkers and stocking up on canned “Apocalypse-ready” baked beans? Um, no. Why’s that then?

The Mayans never predicted doomsday! The end of a calendar cycle doesn’t mean it’s doomsday. The calendar wasn’t a magic calendar, it was just a way to document time, remember future dates and record past events. That’s what calendars do. Lacking a culture to renew the Long Count, it looks like the final cycle — the 13th bak’tun — will come to an end… and that’s about it.

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